the preliminary zone, is a heart-shaped, partly artifical mountain with Souvenir City spreading out on its leveled peak. Visitors spend a limited time here - four to twelve months - before proceeding into the inner zones of the PARK. 



Parallel Bridges with Heartland
2003, oil on MDF, 40 x 100cm

Heartland Hill, topographical map
2007, color pencil, 30 x 40cm

2001, Park guide, pages 24/25, Vice Versa Verlag, Berlin


Most of the attractions in HEARTLAND are downsized and relatively safe versions of those visitors will later encounter in the inner zones of the PARK.



Baby Prince Bar 
1998, oil pencil and watercolor, 1999, 30 x 30cm

Collection of Dry Fountains & Sugar Desert Vase Depository
1999, Photo, 10 x 12cm


Peter 'Ultra' Brag Pavilion
1999, watercolor, 40 x 50cm (detail)

Peter Brag, archtitect of many of its famous buildings and one of the more widely known characters of the PARK, built his mausoleum beyond the city limits, on the outer side of the Tender Crest. The interior walls of the pavilion and the enormous vault underneath, are one continous painting of Brag's own life story. 



Trio Infernal
1999, watercolor, 25 x 40cm

Towers of Defiance 
1997, silkscreen, 90 x 63,5, 60 ex.

Overlooking the expanse of the PARK from the heights of Heartland, the landscapes' most striking feature are two rows of colosal figures lining the eastern horizon.